Malyasia dating scams

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In other cases, the scammer would tell victims they were coming to visit and required travel funds, others claiming they needed loans to make investments.

Of the 34 people arrested, 13 were said to be Nigerian, and reports suggest that the majority of victims were female.

Authorities in Malaysia and Singapore have arrested 34 people this week on suspicion of running a huge online scam that stole .4m from over 100 victims.

The scammers allegedly met their victims online, building trust through the pretence of a relationship and offering to send them gifts.

“Of course, they never intend to return the money and when it’s time for them to pay back the money, they’re suddenly un-contactable.

“The modalities in which I can cheat a person who I trust is multifaceted.” This set of arrests comes just months after authorities in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Nigeria arrested a group of 13 people suspected of scamming singles online.

He says often the victims they contact are shocked and don’t believe that they are being scammed. JENNY: First of all his money had been delayed and then because of the delay, the project had gone a bit south so he needed money to make up for the fact that things had gone wrong because he hadn't had the money in the first place. Tracee, you thought you'd met this man who you thought was an American Australian soldier through a dating website called Are You Interested? JENNY BROCKIE: Now after about five weeks he told you he'd found gold in Afghanistan? He said that he'd found 125 kilos of gold bullion and he had hidden it. I’d seen that that was my opportunity to live what rest of my life I had the way that I was intended and it was only a short time that the, my posting had been done that I got this reply which came from a US army sergeant in, in the Middle East.David Chew from the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department said: “These guys are on the Internet, posing as doctors, professionals, making friends with people around the world.“The third one is once I become good friends with you, I can ask you to make investments, to give me loans.For Louise Brown, even coming to terms with how she got scammed was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but talking about it openly so that others can learn from her experience?That, she says, was a break through and helped her get past that chapter of her life instead of getting stuck in it.