Texting different things- from spreading rumors to naked pictures can make for some intense consequences. Mobile has impacted every aspect of our social life, so why not mobile dating?

' or say, 'Gee, we haven't bowled in a while.' Sometimes we even say, 'When's the last time we bowled a turkey? Hook-Up is being billed as a free IM service on the lines of ‘Whats App’.Micromax is even bundling the app on its newer smartphones. Micromax says the A25 Smarty users will be able to send free messages to non Hook-Up users.Well he texted me the next morning saying :last night was wild" and that was at like 9am si yeah.I just want to know how common that is, and really if it means that he wants to keep hooking up which is what I want, or if he is just being nice.