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wo humans meet, maybe on Tinder or at the Whole Foods salad bar or by way of an introduction from a friend. They ask background-type questions, share appetizers, touch each other probingly to see if the reaction is positive or negative. Especially the first date, when you’re thinking about all of this while eating blistered shishito peppers and trying to hold a conversation. You make the call, but to lend a hand we’ve dumped our collective dating expertise into one place to bring you 25 great date ideas in cities across America.

But while it’s strange and challenging, it’s also incredibly hopeful and ambitious to get out there and make finding love a priority, to finish a long work day and then put in another few hours trying to lock down a life companion. That sounds easy, but there’s more to it than hitting the pool hall with your buddies. Should you meet for a quick coffee before breakfast? Get out there and touch each other probingly to see if the reaction is positive or negative.

101 — Number of unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women in San Francisco.

The city’s colleges and universities ensure a steady supply of young, educated singles if you’re looking for a companion to float in the swan boats at the Boston Public Garden.

This renowned hub for higher education (50-plus institutes call the Boston area home, including heavyweights like Harvard and MIT) buzzes with the youthful energy of undergrad and post-grad singles looking to pair off.

Explore the best cities for young professionals based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing. Cambridge is for those who wish to explore more than lines on a map.

Grab your squeeze and head out on the town for the bustling pub scene (try the historic Bell in Hand Tavern), top venues for sporting events (don’t miss a Red Sox game at Fenway), or strolls along the Harborwalk and the Charles River Esplanade.

To find the 20 best cities for 20-somethings, we looked for places that have affordable rent, plenty of jobs, spots to break a sweat, happy and healthy residents, and endless opportunities to meet that special someone.

Whether a young couple on the move or a senior learning to move again, Cambridge will energize you in ways you 've never imagined.

Many people dream of trading their small, suburban towns for the bright lights of New York or Los Angeles.

Those times when you want the full experience, take your date to the Wonderland Ballroom to eat, drink and dance the night away.

Philly has plenty of singles and a rich arts culture — a big help when it comes to a night out, which is more affordable here than in other major cities.