Updating nvidia drivers on macbook pro

(Update: video topics page has Nvidia CUDA 8.0.46 with mac OS Sierra support.) New in Release 3.05f01: Includes BETA support for i Mac and Mac Book Pro systems with NVIDIA graphics Release Notes Archive: This driver update is for Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) users.(2009 Mac Pro can run Sierra with the unofficial EFI 5,1 update) BETA support is for i Mac 14,2 / 14,3 (2013), i Mac 13,1 / 13,2 (2012) and Mac Book Pro 11,3 (2013), Mac Book Pro 10,1 (2012), and Mac Book Pro 9,1 (2012) users." (I've added this link to the video topics page which has previous Nvidia driver updates for 10.11.6, 10.10.5, 10.9.5, and the current CUDA version that supports those OS's.) FYI: This and several earlier driver updates list "Beta" support for some i Macs and MBPs (in page post above).I start up ED, get through the credits screens, and the game freezes at 0% on precaching shaders. Not sure this rises to the level of a "bug" yet, so I'm posting here in hopes that someone's figured this out. It causes the game to crash randomly every 20-30 mins.However, you can switch back to the default OSX drivers using the Nvidia control panel easily.I don't know how to update Nvidia graphic card drivers on Mac Book Pro Retina.I have been a Windows user and a gamer for a long time where we expect frequent driver updates.It seems an odd turn of words to state that an operating system "requires" updates...Apple makes its own drivers & they are included in the OS updates.

Driver installed fine and appeared to detect the 650M. If it helps, I was running an outdated version of El Capitan from October (I've been in a place with *really* bad internet), and I just updated to 10.11.5 today. Unfortunately the Nvidia drivers don't appear to be very stable with the bespoke GT 650M in the MBPr .

See "Reference" link for list of changes, but it's not very clearly worded or detailed.

(The EG9600-UA is the original model without HDR HDMI support.

(The build number after installing Security Update 2016-004.) (At original post time, the page's release notes has "Mac OS X El Capitan 10.10.5" in error.) The D/L page lists older CUDA v7.0.64, but link goes to current CUDA 7.5.30.

Download Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5 (build 13F1911) Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver 3f11 for OS X 10.9.5 build 13F1911.