Event itemupdating which wasn t handled

I tried a few solutions suggested from other blogs or forums that took a substring of the My solution involved adding a hyperlink to the message body.

This ended up being far easier than I had expected and fairly intuitive once I found the correct property to use. First add a “Send an Email” action to your workflow.

The implementation enables copying the selected rows or cells to the clipboard in a conventional text format, and pasting similarly formatted clipboard text into a Data Grid.

A "field Separator" tab character is inserted in the text in between column values, and a "row Separator" newline character is appended to the text at the end of each row.

, in the past there was a lot of attempt to allow the users to insert data through Header or Footer Template which is no longer required.

The paste operation applies to the region of cells anchored by the origin of the current selection.

Providing generic support for copy and paste isn't trivial because the Data Grid's data "model" is just a list of Object valued data items.

Event itemupdating which wasn t handled