Stavros niarchos dating

We regular people are well aware of the love triangle, in which three people are romantically linked in some way or another, but when you go to the world's most exclusive surrogate high school, the geometry gets even more complicated.

Does it explain their cozy photos together and occasional late night spottings? Kendall Jenner denies relationships for a living—or at the very least, her M. is to never acknowledge whether she's actually dating someone.In April of that year, declared "You have to own a hotel these days to score a starlet," upon the news that actress Heather Graham was seen canoodling with a hotelier. In March, Daryl Hannah, star of the movie "Wall Street," started dating Sean Mcpherson, another hotelier.In May, it was rumored that Andre Balazs, owner of the Mercer Hotel, would be walking down the aisle with girlfriend Uma Thurman.The Lohan clan apparently approves of Tarabasov — who’s currently starting his own real estate company in London, where he and Lohan both live — as he seems to keep the once hard-partying starlet in check.“Lindsay has obviously had some issues in the past, and probably been attracted to the wrong sort of guys, but this is different,” a source told the Mirror.